What is the Quebec's Viper Club ?! It’s a fraternity or a social club that unites different people through a unique master piece: the Dodge Viper. The Viper is not a sport car ! It’s a pure racer right out of the race tracks built for rare men and women who know how to master a high speed car. If you were wondering what it takes to feel and to get younger: The Viper Club will help you to go back to your youth with endiable parties and car events !

We have basically one rule to join Quebec's Viper club. You must own a Viper. Year doesn’t matter. All Vipers are equal and get the same deep respect.

The Club is about social activities to gather people around the Viper. We organize different type of events that we think suits to most of our members. All propositions are welcome to organize an event. Usually event schedules are set during a club meeting around a Sunday brunch in February each year.


If you like to ride at high triple digit speeds on race tracks, you like wine, beer and good food after an exhausting day, then the Viper Club is the place to be for you. We can visit from simple hotels, auberges to highly luxurious resorts and restaurants. We like good food, wine and beer. We like to discover hidden places, unknown restaurants that only one member heard about. We sometimes organize charity auctions to show our generosity. We have driving schools on tracks, drag races and Go-Kart parties.

You must feel free to join and leave any events. There is no obligation to participate in something that you don’t like. You must have fun !


Members come from all social environments. There are no two members who do the same job. We are all different. However we have one point in common: either we work hard or we have worked very hard to earn our life. When getting together for an event we forget what we do during week-days. We have a lot of fun togather.

We try to do everything to get our ladies involved in most of our activities. It is very important to us that ladies feel comfortable when they participate in our events. Most members participate in couple to the events.


If your partner is not available to come with you to attend the event, you can take your children or a friend with you. However only registered members are allowed to participate in our events.

Even though this site is in English, nearly all members speak French and English. The club tries to be as bilingual as possible. We don’t do politics we just give the maximum of respect to each other. It is very important to us.


New members are often scared about our speed and judgement. Our basic rule is very simple : dont brake the speed limits ! We are not angels and as all men we are not perfect. It happens that we go a little faster but we respect the speed of everybody.
Espetially the club's president has this obligation to show the others the good behavior on highways. Our driving schools were setup to help members master their speed addiction and make them safer drivers.

The membership fee was set to 100 $CAN for 2018.

If interested in becoming a member in Quebe's Club Viper, please download,print and fill out the document below.
Please send back the form to the address indicated on page 2.


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